Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Li'l Depressed Boy, Volume 1: She Is Staggering Review (S. Steven Struble, Sina Grace)

Remember that dire time about 10 years ago when indie movies were everywhere? Movies like Napoleon Dynamite and Garden State ponged up movie screens everywhere with their emo, precious crap, and Zooey Deschanel built her career on the backs of breeches ’n ’dungaree wearing hipsters with curly mustaches by being their Ultimate Manic Pixie Dream Girl - see her Apple commercial for maximum irritation! 

Li’l Depressed Boy is the comic book version of an Indie Movie. Our literal sad sack “hero” (he is a beany doll walking around in obscure band tees) meets a Manic Pixie Dream Girl and the two… fall in love? Even though there’s nothing this girl would find attractive about this mopey, self-absorbed personality vacuum. Whatever. 

They go for a meal and even though she looks like a runway model all we see her eat are burgers, fries and cookies because “cool girls” eat like crap and remain rail thin - they don’t show the bulimia she most definitely has because that’s too real, right?

She holds a fry like a cigarette. They go see some obscure band play in an obscure club or basement or something. They talk about playing zombie tag, flying glow in the dark kites, going to arcades and bowling - these are twenty-somethings, I think. 

She reads comics because she’s a “cool girl”, they try clothes on in a thrift store - they don’t even know each others names yet, how romantic!. They pretend they’re in a zombie movie, they play “style bowling”. 

I’m sorry, I can’t go on. It just becomes overwhelmingly annoying. 

These hipster twits and their posing, their bullshit, and every single they do, were too much for me. This book is a mere four issues long but I had to stop after issue two when she reveals her name is Jazz (!!) because I couldn’t take how twee it all was. 

Look at us, we’re cool, we’re amazing, we’re… not real people. 

Li’l Depressed Boy is an incredibly obnoxious hipster comic about hipsters. The ironic thing is hipsters who read comics won’t read this, they’ll read Justice League or something awful and corny because that’s a hipster-ish thing to do. And y’know what? Green freakin’ Lantern comes across as a more grounded character than these cartoons! 

Zach Braff’ll probably turn this into another one of his terrible movies. 

Fuck this book so much!

The Li'l Depressed Boy Volume 1: She is Staggering

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