Monday, 26 May 2014

Fantomex MAX Review (Andrew Hope, Shawn Crystal)

Wow, this is the worst Marvel book I’ve read since the last Marvel book I read yesterday, Marvel Knights: Spider-Man! 

This book challenges you to pay attention to it even though there’s nothing worth paying attention to. Fantomex, the mutant assassin from, and created by, Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run, is stealing valuable and dangerous stuff while being chased by some no-name toughs who’re going to fight and lose to him at the end. 

I literally just paused to google Andrew Hope to see if he was a child and Marvel were publishing this because of the Make-A-Wish Foundation or something (I wouldn’t want to pick on a kid!); nope, he’s definitely a grown man and still this reads like something a teenager wrote! 

Because this is a MAX title you get to read swears - oh, how risque! - and see barbie doll women grope each other - heavens to betsy, how daring! - while the men actually punch each other’s brains out - I know how this feels now having read this. I’m definitely not prudish, it’s just this stuff is trying too hard to be “cool” and “edgy” and coming up short on both counts - it is utterly pathetic to read. 

Francesco Francavilla’s covers are amazing and Shawn Crystal’s art is actually ok - it’s very cartoonish but I think if he had a decent script, I wouldn’t mind seeing his art in another book. 

Fantomex is actually a decent character and deserves far better than this tripe. Remember this name: Andrew Hope - and stay away from any book with it on! 

Out of nappies and need something for your baby to crap in? Need something to wrap chips with? Ever just feel like punching a comic? Don’t use sawdust for that puke - pick up a copy of Fantomex MAX, coming soon to a bargain bin near you!

Fantomex MAX

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