Sunday 14 April 2024

BRZRKR, Volume 3 Review (Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt)

Keanu’s back from space or somewhere and talking psychically with a doctor who shoots ink from her eyes. Why? Cos he wants to grow a giant red metal bird from his chest. I know, THAT old chestnut again! Let’s get stoopid one last time with John Thicko, Kindter Surprise and Garney the Dinosaur in RTRDD, Volume 3.

Even though the first two books were terrible I thought I’d finish (clowning)out the series with the turd and final book for completeness (and it’s been kinda fun pointing and laffing at this novelty comic anyway). You’ll be shocked to find out from everything I’ve said thus far that I didn’t find Volume 3 of this mess to be any good.

It’s something of an understatement but the series hasn’t had much of a storyline. Keanu plays Keanu with superpowers who wants to die or something mindlessly macho - he’s immortal and part-lightning donchaknow - so guess what happens in Volume 3? Except… not. Never bet against dumb - there’s always another level of stupid things can get.

There’s more angsty, pointless gore as Keanu continues to add to his inane body count (not THAT kind of body count - unless you have a very disturbing way of doing it) in a barely-coherent and frequently nonsensical plot where some characters I’d forgotten about do some forgettable things that I’ve already forgotten.

Character, story, theme, thought - leave all expectations for anything resembling that behind because this comic won’t even attempt them. I was as unengaged reading this as I’ve been reading the other two books in this series. This title has consistency but only in repeatedly delivering buh-buh-buhring books.

There’s already another BRZRKR book out with a different co-writer/artist so I guess this celebrity dilettantism worked out enough for Keanu commercially that he’ll keep cranking out the (s)hits longer, but I’m not interested in this ever-dull IP anymore. And that’s who this comic is mainly for: Keanu(‘s bank account). If you’re not Keanu, 1) I share your disappointment and 2) don’t bother with this comic.

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