Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 3: Casualties of War Review (Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke)

Welcome back to another edition of Grindin’ Out Product by DC! This week it’s the latest Superman/Wonder Woman collection. Stuck for ideas? Always? Just have these two characters, who’re best known for punchin’ stuff, punch someone they haven’t punched in a while! So, without giving away the Big Bad of this book, Superman/Wonder Woman have to punch the villain really hard to defeat him and that’s the whole book. 

Does the villain at least have a motivation? Well, apparently it has to do with when Darkseid’s parademon army ran amok in New 52 Justice League Vol 1 and a parademon killed the guy’s parents. Even though it’s very clear that it’s Darkseid’s fault, this villain decides to blame Superman and Wonder Woman. That’s the motivation - dumber than dumb as usual! 

There’s another villain and her motivation is even drearier - she just wants powah, so much powahhhh! Did a seven year old plot this? Also, the “Superman turns temporarily evil” trope is trotted out again - originality, you are unknown to superhero comics! 

Nothing much else to say about this one except it rounds up a handful of the worst villains DC has (remember, they supposedly have the best villains!): Atomic Skull, Major Disaster, Mammoth, Crash and Debutante (who is dressed, yes, like a debutante!). If this weren’t a DC comic, you’d think this was a satire. 

Doug Mahnke and Ed Benes’ art is pretty good - clean lines, big set pieces; the fans’ll like it. All the scowling faces though made me think of Steve Dillon’s art. Mahnke does seem to be becoming the poor man’s Dillon. 

Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 3: Casualties of War is by-the-numbers superhero fare. If all you want to see is mindless punching and nothing else, this is the book for you.

Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 3: Casualties of War

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