Saturday, 28 November 2015

Archie Vs Predator Review (Alex de Campi, Fernando Ruiz)

I’m not really a fan of either Archie or Predator but I did want to read a comic where the cast of Archie get eviscerated by a bloodthirsty dreadlocked alien hunter! Is it worth explaining the premise? It’s a gimmicky comic in the vein of Archie Meets The Punisher. Predator comes to Riverdale and starts killing. That’s it!

I was pleased that the comic delivered on its promise of blood-soaked Archie gore. Not only does Predator take out these morons but there’s no wimping out, off-panel deaths – heads are shot off, spines ripped out, and Salem the cat is exploded. Good stuff! 

My only other experience with Archie is Afterlife with Archie (also a disappointing gimmick comic – com-mick?) so I wasn’t prepared for the rest of this book which is full on Archie banality. Two bimbos, Betty and Veronica, pine for the affections of a red-headed bimbo called Archie while their cretinous friend Jughead eats constantly. They hang out in a malt shop and worry about the school dance and yearbooks. That’s literally all there is to Archie. How on earth has this comic lasted as long as it has?! Vapid doesn’t come close to describing these characters and their “stories”. 

And Jughead – why does he wear a crown? Is he a “special” person – is that what the “S” on his sweater stands for? And he’s always eating but he’s not fat – his tapeworm must be enormous! I can’t emphasise how aghast I was at the anachronistic Americana that is Archie. I knew it was corny but I didn’t realise HOW corny it really is. 

Archie Vs Predator does what you hope it does but the parts where Predator’s not bringing the pain are insufferable. It firmly cemented my opinion on Archie that there isn’t a worse comic on the face of the planet – Archie makes DC’s nonsense look amazing in comparison! 

Archie Vs Predator

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