Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Husbands Review (Jane Espenson, Brad Bell)

A pair of newly-wed dudes are lounging about their honeymoon suite with their blonde female friend, opening their wedding gifts. One of their presents is a magic book that sucks them into it. Unfazed, they have several adventures in different genres: superhero, fantasy, detective, sci-fi, Archie, and Bond. And that’s it – they exit the book unperturbed. 


Apparently Husbands is a web series and this is a spinoff comic by its creators Brad Bell and Jane Espenson. Is this what happens in the show? The short stories all revolve around the two guys in different outfits trying to smooch one another, the blonde girl is some kind of villainess and sometimes just comic relief, and they invariably end with the two guys affirming their love. It’s so inane and repetitive! 

Whatever! The stories are boring, overly cutesy-poo and pointless but the dialogue is very snappy and the differing art styles (provided by Ron Chan, Natalie Nourigat, MS Corley, Ben Dewey, and Tania Del Rio respectively) are right purty. 

I’m all for more comics celebrating gay marriage but Husbands went waaaaayyy over my head as to what it was going for/was about. Maybe nothing in the end? That’s certainly the effect I was left with after reading it!


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