Sunday, 14 June 2015

Avengers World, Volume 1: A.I.M.pire Review (Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer)

Marvel Exec #1: “How many Avengers titles do we have at the moment?” 
Marvel Exec #2: “14”
ME #1: “That’s all?! Ok, let’s crank out number 15. What do we call it?”
ME #2: “Avengers World, because they’re Avengers in, like, the world.”
ME #1: “Makes sense to me!”
Junior Marvel Exec: “But won’t that be confusing? Jonathan Hickman’s first Avengers book was subtitled Avengers World - and you’ve got him down as co-writing this one too.”
ME #1: “Confusing? I don’t even know where I am! Who are you? Hey, how many Avengers titles do we have at the moment?”
ME #2: “35”
ME #1: “That’s all? Ok, let’s crank out number 36. I know just what to call it: Avengers World.”
ME #2: “That’s a great title.”
ME #1: “It just came to me!”
JME: “What’s it about?”
ME #1: “It’s about the Avengers, stupid! This joker!”
JME: “But… what’s the story?”
ME #2: “You don’t need ‘stories’ when it comes to Avengers books - they write themselves! You show Cap and Hulk and Iron Man and whoever and that’s all anyone wants.” 
ME #1: “Yup, this latest 57th Avengers title is really gonna wow everyone. We know exactly what we’re doing! Come on, let’s draw mustaches on all the Fantastic Four posters because we suddenly hate them for some petty reason!”
ME #2: “Yeaaaaaah, cocaine!!”
JME: “But I like the Fantastic Four…”


Reading Avengers World, Volume 1: A.I.M.pire is quite an experience: you actually forget the comic as you’re reading it. Sometimes after reading a book I’ll leave it a few days before reviewing it just to see what stuck. Didn’t need to bother with this one - forgot it instantly. In fact I’m not even sure I read it! 

Just flicked through it again and all I can tell you is Madripoor is on the head of a giant dragon and people are taking the beekeepers, I mean Advanced Idea Mechanics, seriously for some reason. Gorgon’s in it and he sets fire to his house because he’s a fucknut. And that’s about it. 

Some comics you read, some only look like comics but are actually made for other things. Coasters for example. Avengers World is one such product: a coaster you can read! And it’s great - I can fit like four glasses quite comfortably on it! 

Avengers World: a first class beer mat!

Avengers World, Volume 1: A.I.M.pire

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