Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Storm by Tim Minchin Review

Tim Minchin Storm Graphic Novel Cover

This comedian Tim Minchin
Wrote a poem most bitchin’ 
Of a dinner party that went down the crapper

When he met a young hippy named Storm
Whose beliefs he battled all evening long
The two rhyming as they argued like a pair of battlin’ rappers

Storm believed in horoscopes and holistic medicine
To the exclusion of science, knowledge and wisdom
Why learn? Why educate? 
Why not just love and feel stuff, she pontificates

While Minchin kept schtum out of politeness
Though he couldn’t
Keep quiet for long, in the face of such madness
And thankfully he didn’t

What follows is a beat poem of a unique kind
Where Minchin pushes back against ignorance and wilful stupidity
And celebrates the achievements of mankind
With an energy and passion and a little bit of crudity

But it’s wonderful and clever, drawn beautifully too
And his arguments so well argued they’re very convincing
Pick up this delightful book today, you owe it to you
To enjoy the delights of Storm by Tim Minchin!


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