Monday, 31 March 2014

Uncanny X-Force, Volume 1: Let It Bleed Review (Sam Humphries, Ron Garney)

I read this book a few days ago and flew through it in one sitting - sometimes this is a good thing, other times, no. In this instance, it was not a good thing. So I decided to try an experiment and wait a few days before reviewing it to see whether I’d remember the actual story of the book or just the characters in the story. Guess what? My experiment proves the latter point - I don’t remember a thing about what happened in the book! 

I know Psylocke’s in it, I know Bishop’s in it, and Fantomex x 3, and that’s about it. Maybe Gambit? Oh, Storm was in it! And they were fighting… about something. That’s right and Sam Humphries used Rolling Stone song titles for chapter headings for some reason - maybe he was saying Uncanny X-Force was a rockier alternative to the rest of Marvel’s X-titles which are the Beatles? I don’t know. Adrian Alphona’s art was in this which was weird and awesome as always. 

Ok, I’m going to take a look into the book and see what I can glean. 

Right away I missed a big character (pun intended) in the book: Puck! What does he do in the book? Nothing! So that’s why I don’t remember him! Spiral? Nope, nothing. Fights Psylocke. About a mutant kid? Whatever. Fantomex is three people… I don’t know. Ok? And he and Psylocke had a relationship… right. 

So I just flipped through this book and once again got zero out of it. Some characters appear, they do superhero-y things (fighting with their powers), and the book ends. It’s literally as uninteresting and shallow as that. Is this even still an ongoing Marvel NOW! title? I have no idea but I do know I won’t be seeking out any more volumes in the series (should they exist). 

That was my first real-time, stream-of-consciousness review and whether you read this or not is up to you but having read it myself, it feels like I didn’t read it at all. Let It Bleed indeed.

Uncanny X-Force - Volume 1: Let It Bleed (Marvel Now)

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