Monday, 10 March 2014

Night of the Living Deadpool Review (Cullen Bunn, Ramon Rosanas)

Deadpool wakes up from a chimichanga-induced food coma to discover the zombie apocalypse has happened – and he’s the only surviving superhero! Where will Deadpool get his junk food and beer from now? Oh and of course how will he save humanity etc. …

Deadpool in a zombie movie is pretty much all you need to know about this book – it gives you everything you’d expect from the premise. There’s plenty of Deadpool cutting down zombies while making jokes. But Cullen Bunn does throw in some neat details, like the zombies aren’t the boring “braaaaaains” kind, but are actually aware of and horrified by their current state, so they stumble about saying things like “I had a good life…”, “Why is this happening to me?!” and “Don’t forget to kill me!” etc. 

Ramon Rosana’s art is really good like in the flashback scenes when Deadpool’s trying to remember if he saw the zombie apocalypse coming or not. People biting one another, blood pools in the street, and the shuffling dead all pass Deadpool by as he’s too wrapped up in his own bubble of Golden Girls marathons and food. Rosana’s placement of the details in the background to Deadpool play really well to the comedic angle. 

The comic is also drawn almost entirely in black and white with Deadpool often being the only colour on the page. It works to the zombie movie idea but also allows them to put tons of blood on the page and still get it published for a wider audience as the gore’s coloured black, not red. 

Bunn riffs on other popular zombie stories like The Walking Dead and Night of the Living Dead in certain scenes and there are some completely batty moments like when a group of old women show up to cleanse one of the survivors’ outposts in the name of god! And while most of the book is par for the course in terms of what you’d expect from a zombie story, the ending is unique, ties in brilliantly to the character, and is completely inspired. 

Night of the Living Deadpool isn’t going to change anyone’s life but it’s a really entertaining Deadpool comic with some clever moments to make it its own one-of-a-kind zombie story. It also totally delivers on the premise, so if you’re after a zombie/Deadpool comic, this one is it!

Night of the Living Deadpool

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