Thursday, 19 April 2018

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3: Infinity Quest Review (Gerry Duggan, Marcus To)

The Guardians is questing for them Infinity Stones but oh durn here come the new Nova Corps to pick ‘em up! And the new Corps has problems - not only are they seen as a joke after losing Thanos in transit, they’re also riddled with Shi’Ar spies! Former 30 Rock actor turned Nova Corps bossman, Scott Adsit, press gangs our heroes (and Ant-Man for some reason) into the Corps to root out the traitors. Also, some weirdo called Adam has just woken up from his golden cocoon… 

Goddamn, Gerry Duggan is doing Marvel Cosmic right with All-New Guardians of the Galaxy! Turns out this dude’s amazing at that rarest of abilities - writing team books - masterfully juggling one great storyline after another. There’s never a dull moment in Volume 3: Infinity Quest. 

The team splits up with everyone getting something cool to do: Gamora and Ant-Man investigate an Ultron-infested space hulk, Star-Lord discovers Rich Rider’s back from the Cancerverse and the two hunt down an Infinity Stone (which looks VERY different from how they usually do!), Rocket, Groot and Scott Adsit get into some amusing office shenanigans, and Drax deals with the traitors. 

Not only that but the team take on the Shi’Ar Raptors AND The Gardener’s evil Groot army and the team’s line-up changes further still as old allies return and mainstays unexpectedly walk away. AND Adam Warlock is introduced AND another classic villain that I won’t reveal here. It’s all happening in this series! 

If you’re wondering why the issue numbering suddenly went shooting up into the triple digits, it’s because, like every title, it’s gone back to its original numbering as part of Marvel’s Legacy drive. We’ll see how long that lasts before a new #1 appears (“New All-New”?). 

I prefer Aaron Kuder’s art, and Kuder does at least draw the Adam Warlock sequence, but Marcus To’s art is more than good enough. The world-building is solid – I love that the new Nova Corps base is named after one of Michael Bay’s few decent movies, The Rock, and that the Novas are being written as underdogs, kinda like how Terry Pratchett’s City Watch originally were (shoutout to any Discworld fans out there!). 

Great art, even better writing, awesome story – three volumes in and All-New Guardians of the Galaxy is only getting better! As far as I’m concerned this is Marvel’s best current title – fans of superhero comics and/or the Guardians movies will love it.

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