Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Ghosted, Volume 1: Haunted Heist Review (Joshua Williamson, Goran Sudzuka)

A group of paranormal experts assemble for a heist on a haunted house. Their target? A ghostie! 

Ghosted, Volume 1: Haunted Heist wasn’t bad but definitely had its flaws. I was going to summarise it as “a spooky Ocean’s 11” except that would imply the team was made up of necessary specialists and I wasn’t convinced that that’s what they were. 

What the hell is a “professional skeptic” and why was he needed? He didn’t do a damn thing except roll his eyes whenever spirits were mentioned! Why would you need a camera crew for a heist? And the Danny Ocean “criminal mastermind” didn’t seem to add anything either. I guess he was the fixer? I’d overlook their uselessness if they were an interesting bunch but none of the characters were. 

Still, the story is entertaining enough here and there with a clever solution to heisting the ghost even if the third act gets a tad messy and boring. Goran Sudzuka’s art was pretty good for the most part too though he goes a bit overboard on the black shading which gets really noticeable towards the end - the effect is like you’re reading a poorly printed chapbook! 

It’s not brilliant - the writing and art is so-so, the concept is equal parts derivative and original and the overall effect is fairly unmemorable - but Ghosted, Volume 1 was an ok book. Some horror comics fans looking for a twist on an old trope might get a kick out of this.

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