Thursday, 21 December 2017

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Volume 3 Review (Peter Milligan, Paul Jenkins)

So Legends of the Dark Knight, Volume 3 is an utterly pants collection of Batman stories but was it really too much to ask that there be at least ONE good - hell, I’d take half-decent! - short in the bunch?! As it is, this is one brutally boring tale after another. This is reading as an endurance exercise against wave after wave of impossibly tedious garbage.  

Calendar Man tries to commit a dull crime and Batman stops him. And it’s not bad enough that we have to see it from Calendar Man’s perspective but we have to see it twice from Batman’s as well! Hey, guess what? Calendar Man was LYING! I should’ve just packed it in there… 

There’s some crap about Batman relying too much on technology and having to relearn the basics, a story where Harley distracts Batman by attempting to psychoanalyse him, and a punishingly dull 65-page “whodunit” (more like whofuckingcaresdunit) involving Two-Face, Catholic priests and murder. Awful, just awful. 

The only thing legendary about this book is the legendary quantity of crap it contains!

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