Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Thanos, Volume 1: Thanos Returns Review (Jeff Lemire, Mike Deodato)

The last time I saw Thanos he was cosplaying as the Jurassic Park mosquito, frozen within an amber box or something at the end of Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity event (but then who hasn’t woken up someplace kerazy after a few too many, amirite fellas??). I (intentionally) missed The Black Vortex crossover but it looks like he freed himself and has returned from somewhere. Except now he’s got the space cancer and is dying - but not if his weeny son Thane can kill him first!

Yeah… didn’t think much of this one. Like all Thanos stories, this one’s about someone trying to kill him. Ho hum. Think they’ll succeed? Think he’ll succumb to space AIDS or whatever he’s got ahead of the two highest profile MCU movies about to be released where he’s the Big Bad? Exactly. Tension-free nonsense. 

Thane’s not much of a character either - he’s essentially Thanos-lite and who needs that when you’ve got the real thing appearing alongside him? This book is absolutely stuffed with Marvel cosmic characters too. You name it and they’re here. And they’re all pew-pewing lasers at Thanos… snore. Thanos meanwhile is trying to keep sitting on the ugliest-looking throne I’ve ever seen. 

Mike Deodato’s art is excellent as are Frank Martin’s colours (laser blasts in all the colours of the rainbow!) but Jeff Lemire ain’t wowing me with this weak and forgettable story. Like many comic book supervillains, Thanos works as a one-dimensional antagonist in a larger story but fails to compel in a solo series.

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