Thursday, 7 January 2016

James Bond #1 Review (Warren Ellis, Jason Masters)

A James Bond comic written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Batman artist Jason Masters – of course it’s good! 

Ellis kicks things off in classic Bond style with an action opener: a foot chase through the night-time streets of Helsinki with guns! Dun dun DON do do do! Then it’s back to Blighty for a quick debrief and a new mission to safeguard Queen and Country: Bond must investigate a (definitely evil) rich European businessman and the proliferation of a strange new drug on Britain’s streets called Green. 

I get a strong Archer vibe from this Bond and it’s not just because Jason Masters draws him almost exactly like him either (although that certainly helps). Ellis actually makes Bond seem quasi-human compared to Daniel Craig’s icy portrayal. Here Bond sits with a friend in MI6’s cafeteria, the dialogue is acerbic and witty, and Bond seems to be quite comfortable being around people! He’s upbeat about murdering people for a living instead of morose and realistic - it makes for a nice change (and maybe more in keeping with Ian Fleming’s Bond? I dunno, I haven’t read any of the original books)! 

Not a whole lot happens in this first issue besides the obligatory action opening scene as Ellis prepares to send Bond onto his main mission. But that’s the sort of comics writer Ellis has become these days – the kind who writes mainly for the collected edition rather than the individual issues. Which isn’t to say the issues themselves are bad – this one was very enjoyable! - but I’m sure this will read even better as a book. 

James Bond #1 is a fine start to an exciting new title for an iconic character from two excellent creators. 

Badap ba daa ba da daa ba daa da deda daa!

James Bond #1

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  1. I forgot he was writing these! I'll have to check them out when they're out in trade.