Sunday, 10 May 2015

Return of the Living Deadpool Review (Cullen Bunn, Nik Virella)

Spoilsies for anyone who hasn’t read Night of the Living Deadpool - if that’s an issue, read that book first, then come back for this! 

The zombie apocalypse that began in Night of the Living Deadpool continues in Return of the Living Deadpool! Except Wade screwed up saving humanity from the zombies. His plan of making the zombies eat him, turning them into Deadpools and together taking back the world backfired and now the plague of ‘pools is even worse than the zombies. The ‘pools want the world for themselves and are plotting to turn everyone into a Deadpool! Deadpool to the rescue – take 2!

Sequels are rarely as good as the original and so it goes with Return. It’s still got moments of fun though – Bunn is definitely the best Deadpool writer out there so he can’t help but throw in some brilliant scenes amidst what is a rather pedestrian plot (by Deadpool standards!).

Like the last book, everything is presented in black and white like an old movie, except for Deadpool and because there are so many ‘pools, it’s practically a colour comic. Besides our protagonist, amnesiac Deadpool, there’s samurai-pool, monk-pools, 18th century French prostitute-pools, barbershop trio-pools, and Deadpools of different shapes and sizes (the monk-pools are especially fun, worshipping a religion with different denominations named after each Deadpool writer - the Kelly, the Duggan and Posehn, the Simone, the Remender, etc.!). 

The story is mostly straightforward: amnesiac Deadpool and his new teen girl sidekick, Liz, hack their way through various ‘pools until they figure out a plan. In that sense, it’s fairly flat. The train sequence, where Deadpool helps Liz rescue her ma from the ‘pools, was definitely the highlight of the book. You see the gross transformation humans and zombies go through to become a ‘pool, but the “Go Fish” scene in particular was hella funny! 

Return of the Living Deadpool’s not a great book but it’s an entertaining enough comic that doesn't do anything particularly amazing or memorable. Deadpool fans will find lots of fun, violent, whacky scenes to enjoy here.

Return of the Living Deadpool

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