Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Jason Conquers America Review (Jason, Kim Thompson)

Jason Conquers America is a one-shot issue from 2011, celebrating Jason being published in America for 10 years. It includes a few short strips, some unpublished, as well as an interview with Jason by Eric Buckler and an interview with Hubert, Jason’s colourist, by the late great Kim Thompson. Also included are tributes from Kim Deitch, Mike and Laura Allred, and Rich Tommaso, and a checklist of Jason’s books. 

I’m a huge fan of Jason’s and have read his backlog many times over the years. I’m eternally grateful to Fantagraphics for finding this extraordinary artist and publishing his work - he really is one of the best cartoonists working today. 

This issue is a fine tribute to the artist but not an amazing read. The interviews don’t reveal too much, especially as Jason’s comics tend to say it all better. Thompson’s interview with Hubert was interesting if you like learning about the colourist’s process, and it reminded me that Hubert himself is an accomplished writer - check out his excellent Miss Don’t Touch Me comics if you haven’t already. 

As for the strips included, the Darth Vader stories are alright, as are the Mickey Mouse Death bits, but they’re not so great that you have to get this issue to read them. There’s also a few selections from either Meow, Baby! or Pocket Full of Rain (I’m not sure which but I know I’ve read them before) thrown in to make up the pages. The checklist at the end adds to the feeling that the issue is a bit thin on material and needed padding. 

Jason Conquers America isn’t a must-read, even for fans of Jason, but its nice to see a great artist lauded for his excellent work. And though I’m not recommending this issue, I do think every comics fan should read at least one Jason book - pick any of them, they’re all brilliant!

Jason Conquers America

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