Monday, 27 January 2014

A+X, Volume 2: Amazing Review (Nathan Edmondson, Humberto Ramos, et al.)

The first A+X book wasn’t a masterpiece by a long shot but was a somewhat entertaining mish-mash of team-up short stories featuring one X-Man and one Avenger in a quick light-hearted romp. Some were adventures like Captain America and Cable defeating Bolivar Trask and his Sentinels in WW2, some were throwaway stories like Wolverine and Captain Marvel playing poker. There were a few crappy ones in there, a few good ones, and a few mediocre ones. The second volume has no such variety – it’s all complete shit! 

None of the stories here even remotely entertained and read like excerpts from larger, unimaginative stereotypical Marvel superhero stories. Iron Man and Beast fight a robot, Ice-Man and Thor fight an ice giant, Spider-Woman and Kitty Pryde fight the Absorbing Man…………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………. There’s just no imagination here. 

I enjoyed a couple of very brief moments like in Hawkeye and Deadpool’s story, Deadpool uses Hulk-hand arrows (the same Hulk-hands you can buy in Toys’R’Us) and the Beast/Wonder Man story was ok as they got drunk and reminisced about the good ol’ days. But that was it and isn’t nearly enough to recommend this book. 

Also, this book is called A+X, meaning one Avenger and one X-Man team-up to help one another in the story but in the Magik/Thor story they’re about to throw down and Superior Spider-Man flat out beats on Cyclops – it’s AVX all over again!


And then in the Iron Man/Beast story, Hulk pops up at the end to help them win – so it was A+A+X! The writer of that one couldn’t even stick to the basic formula for a stinkin’ short story! 

This title could feature disposable but enjoyable stories like the first book showed but if anything this second volume reveals how quickly the concept has run out of steam. No wonder it’s getting cancelled – what a pile of poop!

A+X, Vol. 2 = Amazing

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