Saturday, 21 December 2013

X-Men Legacy, Volume 1: Prodigal Review (Simon Spurrier, Tan Eng Huat)

David Haller aka Legion is Professor X's long lost son. He's also enormously dull to read which is why they called this X-Men: Legacy rather than Legion.

So Legion is, like the biblical Legion, possessed of hundreds of beings in his mind. David - who's Scottish for some reason - has been spending years at a spiritual retreat trying to use Eastern mysticism to control his demons, somewhat successfully. Then something happens, the retreat is destroyed and Legion is thrown back into the superhero world, whether he wants to or not. Reconciling himself with his father's most recent death in AVX (Xavier's died about seven times so far!), David tries to reclaim his life and help what other lost souls he can.

I hated this book. This is the worst Marvel NOW! title I've read so far and the relaunch has had it's share of stinkers. It's not so much Legion I dislike but Simon Spurrier's writing. He can't make me care about anybody in this book and has no ability to fashion a compelling character out of Legion. That may be because Legion is a bad character to begin with - I'm not sure, this is my first time reading about him - but Spurrier in no way makes the case for why he should have his own series. He's crazy with multiple psychic powers, he wears only orange pyjama bottoms and has troll hair - so what?

Legion's supposedly super-powerful but struggles to defeat a pair of pre-pubescent kids (the villains of the book)! Seeing Legion fighting the various entities in his head gets old really fast but we're constantly shown these scenes regardless - we know he'll always win against them, and he does, so it's hardly worth showing as it's not at all interesting.

I couldn't tell you what the story of this book is, even after reading the book - Legion wanders about, fights things, the end. Spurrier's story is completely unfocused and, as we don't know what the point of it all is, totally uninvolving. I also don't care that Xavier wasn't a good dad and sent his son away for years. Xavier was a very drab character himself and the longer they keep up with his death, the better (though it seems he's unfortunately due for another comeback soon - probably so he can die again).

One last thing about the writing - in Marvel's main line of books, they censor swearing with the usual comic book "!%$#" stuff. It can be funny to see every once in a while. But this book has Legion constantly swearing which means we constantly have to read "!%$#" which becomes seriously annoying. If you can't swear in this book, Spurrier, just don't bother, ok? This isn't Marvel MAX where they publish swear-words so it's ok to write them, but this isn't MAX, the swear words don't get printed, and it's irritating as hell to see you try to be badass in a book that won't even print "ass"!

This is a terrible comic! Simon Spurrier sucks. X-Men Legacy is THE worst Marvel NOW! series.

X-Men Legacy - Volume 1: Prodigal

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