Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Sixth Gun, Volume 2: Crossroads by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt

Drake and Becky head to N’Orleans where Drake has a plan for his four guns of the six while Becky decides to hang onto hers. Drake goes in search of a magical man called Henri Fournier in the Louisiana swamps and Becky meets a new character called Kirby Hale, a smooth talking huckster. But as word of the fabled guns’ new owners spreads Drake, Becky and co. are targeted by all sorts of menaces who would take the guns for themselves.

The second volume in the series is as exciting and fun as the first. I love Brian Hurtt’s art which is just amazing. The way he draws the Louisiana swamps, themselves a rich scenic backdrop, is wonderful and I love Southern architecture so placing those beautiful old Southern houses, whitewashed like crazy, looming with pillars and balconies and shutters, vines and other plants creeping up them - oh. Just makes me wish all the more I lived in the past. Hurtt’s monster designs are excellent too and the villain of the book is a really interesting mix of animals, black magic, and warped humanity smooshed together into one scary dude.

I really like how Cullen Bunn’s writing Becky. She’s no wallflower or damsel in distress, she acts just like male heroes do: she gets laid, she gets drunk, she fights like a madman, she’s all about her gun - it’s really refreshing to read a female character who just does what she likes and the hell with what people think. Kirby is an interesting new character too who keeps Becky’s storyline lively but Henri Fournier, the wizard of the swamp, and his manservant Woodmael are the best new creations. Secretive and strange, you’ll be guessing the whole time what they and their intentions really are that I don’t want to say anything further about them - they’re just great!

Bunn and Hurtt are doing a really impressive job of keeping the plot going while building up an alternative America where magic and mystery permeate the real 19th century historical setting. Once again though, Brian Hurtt’s art in this book is unbelievable, made all the more impressive by colourist Bill Crabtree. With Volume 2 you’re getting a great story but the art is something else. The Sixth Gun - read it guys, it’s awesome! 

The Sixth Gun Volume 2

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